The link between counselling, coaching and physics

Calvin McCoard is a qualified physicist using his knowledge of electromagnetic energy to improve outcomes for his counselling and coaching clients.

The mixture of counselling and physics may seem unusual, but they work together on two significant levels. 

The first and most obvious way physics aligns with coaching and counselling is that it is a highly pragmatic discipline with a very solution focussed way of thinking. 

This logical approach carries through to counselling techniques by helping clients quickly find solutions to the issues that led them to seek out counselling and coaching in the first place.   

The next way physics and counselling connect is through understanding energy. 

As a physicist, Calvin understands that the human body is a collection of atoms radiating specific energetic frequencies in the form of photons which produce a radiated electromagnetic energy field around the human body. 

This energy field communicates information to the external world at both conscious and unconscious levels.  Just as a helium balloon radiates energetic frequencies to its environment and rises into the upper atmosphere to be around other helium atoms, the human energy field brings us into certain environments and experiences that balance out the energy we are giving out. 

The human energy field is influenced by both our thoughts, feelings and physical body which stores information.

Through changing our habitual thoughts, different neurons fire in the brain altering the energy radiated through the electromagnetic field and subsequently attracting and guiding us to different experiences into our lives. 

Once we understand this, we’re better equipped to answer the question of how we can form new habits of thought that better align with our true selves. 

This is where emotions and practices such as meditation become important.  Our emotions indicate whether the ‘present moment’ energy we are radiating feels good or bad to us.   If a particular pattern of thought feels good as we are radiating it outwards, when matching energy is received it also feels good. The opposite is true of bad feeling, thoughts and energies.

Taking control of our thoughts requires creating space between thoughts and consciousness. This allows us to witness thought and make deliberate choices of whether we want to continue giving attention to and amplifying the energetic signal or not.

Meditation is the most powerful and direct technique for achieving this.  For first-time meditators, it is often good to start out using guided meditation as it stops the mind from getting distracted by external noise.  

Often, when the word meditation is mentioned, it meets with resistance. Meditation and other mindfulness practices can be associated with thoughts of not being good at it or not being able to ‘zone out’ for more than a second or two without a thought coming up. 

It’s important to understand that exercising the mind is much like lifting weights except it is our power of focus that is being strengthened and not our muscles.

All it takes is ten minutes a day. Within a few days, you’ll start to notice some space being created between your thoughts and your awareness and a greater ability to stand back and choose your thoughts. This awareness will give you greater control over your life experiences. If ten minutes seems too overwhelming, start with 30 seconds or one minute and work up to ten minutes over time.

It’s the daily consistency of meditation that creates the power rather than doing it for long periods now and again.

As well as a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics from The University of Glasgow, Calvin McCoard has a Diploma of Counselling from Community Training Australia. Through Art of Alignment, Calvin offers a unique service that allows his clients to integrate the two areas of study and understand and use energy to create the life they want and deserve.

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