Finding fulfilment: How to live a life with purpose and meaning

Do you ever feel like something is missing in your personal or professional life?

Yes, you’re going through the motions each day. You turn up for work. You show up for the family as you’ve always done. And yet, as you follow the same routine you just know you’re not doing what you were put on the earth to do?

While you might be comfortable in your work or your job might be ‘OK’, liking a job or enjoying the company of your colleagues isn’t fulfilment.

Far from it.

Fulfilment is something that exists on a deeper level.

Being fulfilled means you’ve found purpose and meaning in your life. It means you’re connecting with your work, hobbies and personal life on an energetic and spiritual level. 

If you’re not living life fulfilled, not only can this cause stress, anger and resentment, it can also damage health (physical and mental) and relationships.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in your personal or professional life, it’s natural to search for anything that brings fulfilment to a career and life in general to help you align with your purpose.

Unfortunately, this search is rarely as easy as it first appears.

And I speak from experience when I say this.

I spent years searching for fulfilment. I was looking for a purpose greater than I was experiencing in my career and relationships. I was desperately seeking one thing that was significant and tangible to define as my purpose. And, when I couldn’t find it, I became frustrated and deflated. 

It took me a long time to realise that a different approach was required if I was ever to find true fulfilment. 

While there are things I liked doing or had an interest in, choosing something and finding a job in that area simply in the name of fulfilment wasn’t as straightforward as some experts would have led me to believe. If you’re lacking fulfilment and can’t immediately find that one thing to help give life purpose, you might also feel frustrated, inadequate or inferior.

Instead of looking for one thing and fixating on that, when I was experiencing unfulfillment, I learnt that I needed to shift my perspective to create my own journey.

Every day I took small steps towards a life that would excite me just a little bit more until I was truly living a life fulfilled.

If you’re looking for a greater meaning in your personal or professional life, rarely is discovering your purpose linear. Start with these three subtle yet significant changes to create a life that offers fulfilment and meaning.

1) Introduce a hobby

Introduce something that interests you as a hobby. By following these little impulses of what feels good, doors will start opening up. Contacts turn into relationships; relationships turn into opportunities. And, as we know, opportunities can be endless.

Look for ways to get involved in something that interests you on a recreational level and watch the potential grow.

2) Start small

To find your purpose, you don’t necessarily have to give up an unfulfilling career immediately. Start on the journey by simply allowing yourself a few hours a week to take steps and explore.

To leave a career and jump into a new area simply to find fulfilment is rarely practical. Start small by joining relevant social media groups, adopt part-time study or volunteer for relevant organisations.

While this could be the start of a fulfilling career, you could also end up in an entirely new direction than you thought you were going. Starting small without clearly defining an end goal allows you to set off on a new and exciting journey with no barriers.

3) Pay attention to your conversations

When you’re talking about something you’re passionate about, you can talk about it for hours, and, often, you don’t even care who’s listening!

The way you speak about something is a significant way to identify those things that will bring fulfilment into your life.  When words are spoken from the soul, it can almost feel like a physical release when you talk. 

Make note of where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with when these conversations happen to identify what truly fulfils you.

Once you start to take steps towards living a fulfilled life, it becomes easier to introduce your passion as a hobby, job or venture. You can keep taking steps towards making it a career, but this isn’t always realistic. But what is important is that your passion is at the very least, a hobby.

Finding fulfilment is the most effective way to enhance health, wellbeing and align your purpose with your inner energy. To find out more, contact Calvin today.

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