Art of Alignment: Bringing inner and outer energies into alignment

Aligning inner and outer energies is one of the most powerful ways to live a meaningful, fulfilled life achieving your earthly purpose.

Those who are energetically sensitive are often drawn into the knowledge that they need to live out their purpose but unsure how to tap into the powerful energy within to make it happen.

Once you learn how to align your outer and inner energy, you’ll no longer respond to the demands of the outer physical world that can pull you in different directions.  Instead, you’ll have an inner sense of direction that can attract more positive opportunities and increase confidence and self-belief leaving your potential limitless.

Finding and honouring the power of inner energy takes daily practice. To manifest and align inner and outer energy, follow these tips brought to you by Calvin McCoard, counsellor, coach, physicist and founder of Art of Alignment.

Shift your perspective

Once you understand your perspective as well as the thoughts you think are a choice, you’ll instantly see the limits lifted. While external circumstances are not always within your control, how you respond to them is very much a choice. Instead of anger, frustration or impatience which may be a default setting, shift in the direction of peace, patience and happiness where possible. It’s important not be hard on yourself when you find this difficult as that is counterproductive. Instead, acknowledge the desire to improve and simply do your best.  Taking greater control of your emotional state is like building muscles, it takes practice and discipline and you can’t expect to be excellent at it straight away.

Consciously choosing better feeling thoughts will slowly but surely help heal past ihurts and bring outer and inner energy into harmony attracting opportunities and experiences aligned with our true selves. 

Own your journey

Society places significant pressure on people to follow a certain path regarding their career, family and relationships.

Your inner energy rarely follows a blueprint. Uncovering where you’re being led requires you to own your journey and avoid the guilt often associated with aligning with an energy that may be calling you away from a typical journey.

This may involve how you respond to people and who you choose to associate with. Unfortunately, this can also include family and friends who may not bring the best out in you. It’s not that you have to necessarily stop associating with unsupportive people close to you, just that you may be selective about what you share with them.

Realise your worth

Once you truly learn your worth, the frequencies of the energy you release changes. In turn, this attracts more aligned opportunities. Understanding your true value will help you feel worthy of positive relationships and career opportunities and will encourage you to make aligned choices to help them become your reality.

Be vulnerable

Vulnerability leads to power. Truly accepting feelings of fear or admitting you don’t have all the answers helps cultivate positive energy leading to more authentic opportunities.  To truly stand as someone open and authentic helps someone welcome supportive people and opportunities into their life without fear.

Daily Practice 

Our daily practice is the key to building momentum and truly bringing our outer energies into alignment.  Most highly fulfilled people have daily routines to start their day and they make it their number one priority.  These often include meditation, journaling, walks and physical exercise.

  • Meditation – This strengthens our ability to focus and therefore channel our energy towards what we want to attract more of into our life. It also helps us tune into the subtle communication of our inner energy and be more receptive to its guidance. Guided meditations and affirmations can be great for both beginners as well experienced meditators to help reprogram the subconscious and take greater control over our energy. Check out Rising Higher Meditation on Youtube which has excellent guided meditations, affirmations and inspirational speeches.
  • Journaling / Planning – Most of us have heard the expression where attention goes, energy flows. Journaling allows us to focus our energy on things we want to see more of in our lives by showing gratitude for what we already have in that area, even if it is only in a small way. If we can’t feel good about that particular subject, then find a subject you can feel good about and express gratitude about that. Setting up the direction of our energy at the start of the day can often be overlooked as we chase into action of getting things done. However, if we take the time each day to journal and plan, actions will be more fruitful.
  • Physical Exercise – A great way to quickly change our state is through physical exercise. Make this part of your daily routine (or a few times a week) to stay strong and more positive.
  • Walking – Walking in nature can bring some of the benefits from meditation, journaling and physical exercise into one activity. Although walking may not be as powerful as undertaking each activity individually, it can still have great benefit.

How Art of Alignment helps align inner and outer energies

The Art of Alignment logo depicts two perspectives coming into alignment. 

The outer ring represents the perspective or state of consciousness we normally live from. This includes a sense of personality and a conditioned state of mind. 

Often, this perspective can be hindered by habitual patterns of thought that may be negative and can stop people living more fulfilled lives. 

The other perspective symbolised by the inner circle represents a deeper level of consciousness. This alternative view is often connected via intuition or inspiration (or as some call it, the soul). 

The symbol shows the arrows being in alignment, however that is often not the case. If we work on the idea that this inner soul consciousness prefers us to feel better, it makes sense that the way we know if these two energies are aligned is by thinking a particular thought. Very simply if the thought feels good, you’re in alignment. If the thought feels bad, you’re out of alignment. 

As the energies we radiate play a significant role in our experience, it makes sense that by radiating positive energies, we attract good feeling energies back to create balance.

Understanding that all men have a choice in how they live their lives, Art of Alignment is passionately helping clients understand the importance of the energy they radiate and how it can lead to improving their lives in all areas.

To find out more, contact us today.

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