A logical approach to energy and spirituality to create the life you always wanted

Calvin McCoard is a counsellor and coach who lives and works on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Understanding that all men have a choice in how they live their lives, Calvin is a passionate advocate for helping his clients understand the importance of the energy they radiate and how it can lead to improving their lives in all areas.

With a background in physics as well as founding three successful entrepreneurial ventures, Calvin is both creative and methodical. He’s committed to helping his clients identify what they want from life and learn how they can use their energy to achieve personal and professional goals.

Understanding that unfulfillment can be the source of stress, anxiety and depression while potentially harming relationships, Calvin’s goal is to help his clients achieve happier, more fulfilling lives.

If you’re an analytical, left-brained thinker, Calvin can help you understand and utilise emotions and understand the spiritual dimension to see how it can benefit your future.

Calvin is also a keen artist and uses art to communicate ideas about consciousness, spirituality and energy and how this relates to physics. For those that are interested you can see more information at www.artofreality.com or on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theartofreality/

Experience and

Calvin wants his clients to forget everything they thought they knew about coaching. His unique methods draw on his extensive life experience to help his clients determine their own path and use the energy that already exists within them to make significant changes.

Calvin draws on his varied background in physics, counselling, business, spirituality and art to communicate ideas that directly help his clients establish goals and take the steps required to achieve them.